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20 Nov 2012

Lisa will be on holiday from Thursday 22nd Nov until Monday 10th Dec If you would like to make an enquiry during this time or book an appointment on her return, please email lisa@osteopath-westcouk and she will do her best to get back to you ASAP and dependent on ...

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What is Central Sensitization?

18 Oct 2012

Central Nervous System: Brain & Spinal Cord Central sensitization is a term that is being used more frequently across all medical professions, osteopaths, physio’s, psychotherapists and consultants alike but ...

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Low Back Pain in Adolescent Cricketers

26 Jun 2012

Recently a number of adolescent cricketers have been brought to my clinic by their parents for treatment  for low back pain These young cricketers are predominately fast bowlers or as one 14 year old described himself as,   “well that kinda bowler” Two of these cricketers are playing either ...

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Training for The Marathon des Sables: 155 miles in the Sahara Desert

27 Feb 2012

This is an interview style blog with Gail Edmans who is training for the Marathon Des Sables which is held in the Sahara desert in Morocco this April We decided on an interview due to time being precious for someone who manages to fit her training around a full ...

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Tissue Healing:inflammation & how osteopaths treat it.

24 Jan 2012

STAGES OF HEALING Stages of healing: prof Tim Watson As osteopaths or ...

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Shoulder Impingement: What is it & how to treat it?

20 Jul 2011

Having had a number of patients visit my osteopathic clinic in recent months with shoulder impingement, I thought that this had be my next blog  The patients who presented with signs of impingement were mostly in their 40s and many were triathletes & or swimmers ...

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Great British Support on Bike Course Ironman lanzarote

07 Jun 2011

Lots of British support for the tough bike leg in lanzarote May 2011 ...

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8 Athletes Complete 6 Endurance Events Injury Free

07 Jun 2011

April & May has seen 8 endurance athletes, connected to Osteopath West, complete 6  different Endurance events injury free Events ranged from an ironman triathlon (24 mile swim, 112 mile cycle & finish by running a marathon 262mile) to the Moon Walk (262 miles through ...

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Compton 40 mile

21 Apr 2011

Good Luck to Rob Jeffery who is preparing for the Comrades double marathon in South Africa by doing the Compton 40 mile run in Reading this Easter weekend See link below for details http://wwwcomptonharriersorguk/ ...

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How Can Osteopathic Treatment Can Help Asthma Suffers?

26 Feb 2011

Gail Edmans, who suffers with asthma, on her way to finishing the 'Norsman' extreme ironman triathlon in Norway 2010 What is asthma? Asthma is a chronic condition where hypersinsitivity to an allergen (ie dust or animal fur) or to cold ...

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22 Feb 2011

I have accepted 2 new osteopath positions at clinics in NW and East London I am now treating from: Osteopath West in Ealing: Mon 830am-7pm, Tues 830am-7pm, Fri 9am-1pm 60 Highgate Rd, NW5: Thurs 9am-7pm Reebok Club, Canary Wharf:  Wed 2-730pm ...

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World Series Squash Finals at Queens Club

24 Jan 2011

The Purple Cube World Series Squash Finals This was a great event, The Mens World Squash Series Finals at Queens Club, West London The Saudia Arabian sponsors /promoters aimed to ‘sex-up’ the game ...

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Squash World Series Final Queen’s Club

11 Jan 2011

Report on PSA Men’s Squash World Series Finals at Queen’s Club, West London comming up next week I’m off to watch the squash tomorrow night in the new revolutionary glass court set up inside a dome on the grass tennis courts ...

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5 ‘Hotspots’ for Running Injuries & Stretching Advice

07 Jan 2011

  Those of you training for the London marathon or any other marathon this spring will be well into your training by now Let’s hope that all has gone to plan and that you are injury free   ...

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Next Blog on stretching for your Marathon training comming in Jan 2011

26 Dec 2010

Sorry there has been a bit of a gap since my last blog, but I was having my website re-written, now I have a built-in blog facility, blogs will be more regular Next Blog for all Marathon runners, on stretching to prevent injury Hope you ...

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Part 2 of Injury Prevention for Marathon Runners

11 Nov 2010

Core strengthening Core exercise programmes tend to focus on the trunk muscles ie deep spinal & abdominal muscles, however the gluteal or buttock muscles are just as important, particularly for runners [caption id=”attachment_80″ align=”alignnone” width=”310″ caption=”The gluteals are made up of 3 muscles: gluteus maximus, medius & minimus and have a ...

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Marathon Season: Head to Toe tips

27 Oct 2010

Many of you will have had your places for the 2011 London Marathon confirmed this week, so roughly 23 weeks to train your bodies to cope with 262 miles on the road Over the next month I will be blogging some top-toe tips on how to stay injury free and ...

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Cycling Lands End to John O’Groats Without Support

18 Oct 2010

Yesterday Rob Jeffery ?sucessfully completed his cycle from lands End to John O’Groats in 11 days without support Rob, a regular patient for many years, booked a treatment and anounced that he was going to cycle Lands End to John O’Groats in 2 months time When asked if he had ...

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Plantar Fasiitis

01 Oct 2010

What is Plantar fasciitis? Plantar fasciitis is inflammation of the fascia underneath the foot Fascia is found throughout the body enveloping and linking muscles with bones and organs In the foot it is a very tough tissue which runs from the heel to the bones in the middle of the ...

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London2Brighton bike ride a sucess

24 Sep 2010

£35,000 was raised for Action Aid Medical Research and more than 400 riders completed the course on a wet and windy day! Cyclists turned up on an assortment of bikes, from a fixed wheel (no geared) bike to a Boris bike, for more insight read Simon Usborne’s column ...

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